March Brings a Sweet Month for Maple Fans

Posted: March 1, 2022

It may come as a surprise to some, but maple syrup is a sweet labor of love. It takes nearly 50 gallons of sap to produce just one gallon of syrup, and maple trees have to stand 40 years old before they’re considered big enough to tap. All of this, however, is worth the wait. See for yourself during “Maple Month” in Central Mass. Here’s how to celebrate the sweetness.  

Experience Maple Days at Old Sturbridge Village  

Weekends in March bring rising sap to life at Old Sturbridge Village, with its annual Maple Days sugar camp. Visitors watch the process of 19th-century maple sugaring from tapping to sugaring off, conducted by costumed historians.  

Fill Up at Hardwick Vineyard's Maple Barn Breakfasts

Saturdays and Sundays at Hardwick Vineyard are buzzing with Maple Barn Breakfasts, featuring your breakfast classics—from buttermilk pancakes to fresh scrambled eggs—and everything “maple” (think: maple bacon, maple French toast and even maple wine). With three seating options each go-round, wagon rides and live music are just a few add-ons that make the trip worthwhile. 

Sip at BirchTree Bread Co.  

BirchTree Bread Company’s signature maple latte has been a staple on the menu there for years—and March brings the perfect excuse to visit and warm the soul with this bit of sweetness. The folks at BirchTree source their syrup from Bruce Hopper of Pure BS Sugar Shack in Auburn (more on them above) and sell his syrup right in their retail area.  

Tap the Trees at Grand Maple Farms 

New Braintree’s tree tappers unite at Grand Maple Farms, with a ceremonial tree tapping on March 4 featuring coffee and doughnuts for onlookers to the ceremony.  

Sap Castle

Snag a Bottle of Sap Castle’s Syrup  

Sap Castle is a third-generation farm producing high quality maple syrup in Rutland, in a hand-raised timber frame sugarhouse. Click here to discover where you can buy these specialty syrups—at the farm, in stores and at farmers markets locally.  

Visit Bruce & Sully’s Pure BS Maple Shack  

The team at Pure BS Maple Shack in Auburn have been churning out syrup since 2007, and they’re clearly the pros. Bruce Hopper and wife Maria (along with their family of saplings) hand-tap maple trees each year throughout the neighborhood and set to work boiling sap. Folks have come to recognize puffs of steam, a sweet smell wafting in the air and the sound of a dinner bell to signify when a new batch is ready.  

Hardwick Sugar Shack

Savor the Sweetness at Hardwick Sugar Shack 

A small family farm in Hardwick, the local Sugar Shack produces pure products and hosts an open house every Sunday in March for those looking to discover Massachusetts maple syrup—claimed to be “The best maple syrup. Ever."