Warm Up With Our Favorite Local Soup Spots

Posted: February 14, 2017

Our region’s most creative culinary minds are capturing complexities of the season in a wave of steamy aroma and immaculate technique. We’re smitten with soup. 

deadhorse hill 

Enjoy the Ribolitta, a brodo brewed with heirloom beans, kale, and grilled bread to promise Tuscan delight. This peasant dish hails from Italy where “ribolitta” translates to re-boil. “The beauty is in the simplicity,” though deadhorse’s menu is anything but simple; at this end of Main Street, the dishes change more rapidly than the stoplights. 

Figs and Pigs

People are always saying that Worcester has “great bones,” and Figs and Pigs tends to agree. Bones are the key to Chef Murphy’s chicken stock for her housemade sausage, kale and white bean soup.

Lucky’s Cafe

Lucky’s is back in business on Grove Street and their famous Spicy Peanut Soup is tastier than ever. Lucky’s soups are made from scratch, but offerings change daily, so make sure to check for availability on Facebook before dropping in for lunch.


Waldo Street’s new cafe is serving up homemade soup selections to please even the pickiest palate. Enjoy chili,  minestrone or creamy potato topped with crispy bacon.


No Mediterranean meal is complete without a bowl (or better, a bread bowl) of Avgolemono soup. Enjoy chicken, egg and orzo in a lemon juice broth. You’ll need the pick me up after waiting in line at Treehouse Brewery, set to open across the street from Zorba’s in Charlton this summer. 


The only thing more mystifying than a back door speakeasy masquerading as a cobbler shop is a perfectly murky bowl of 18 hour broth in the thick of central Massachusetts’ ramen desert. Less Than Greater Than’s ramen dish is arduously prepared with an 18 hour surf and turf broth, fresh noodles, a slow poached egg, fried garlic, braised chicken, scallions and nori. 

Accentuating the bright qualities of winter’s bounty isn’t easy, but the talented chefs of central Mass are determined to make us savor our soups.

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