Discover Bedlam Book Cafe

Bedlam Book Cafe sells a curated cache of used books from the academic to the esoteric. In addition, they have a café where you can treat yourself to organic juices and smoothies, French press coffee, herbal or black teas, chai, and raw bites. Located in the Crompton Place Building at 138 Green St. in Worcester, Mass., Bedlam is owned by Nicole DiCello.

Interview with Nicole DiCello:

What makes your business special?

We’re unique in the used bookstore world. We run a finely curated collection of used books that are neatly and cleanly organized and shelved. We also are unique in the way we believe in information as a sanctuary, as a whole-making practice. Not only can you find books to feed your curiosity, you can find organic, healthy drinks and snacks to nurture your body. Combining the intellect with the lived experience of the body is our passion.

Why should people shop local?

Shopping local directly supports the community. When you buy local, you’re buying from your neighbor, who then has money to live and go out and buy from others in the community. In addition, when you buy used books, you’re extending the lifecycle of a valuable piece of information, cutting down on the cycle of waste and the resources it takes to print and buy brand new books. You’re also supporting a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and intellectual curiosity that the curators of the bookstore have accumulated. And you’re supporting their ability to tailor their collection to what the local community wants to see. This is a distinctly different experience than shopping at a big box bookstore can provide. When you shop at our bookstore, you are literally investing intellectual resources back into the community.

Trendy Finds?

We have rotating seasonal specials of juices and smoothies, so lookout for our November Special. Also, for the holiday season, we’re going to a lot of book sales to get new stock, and we’re going to be ordering a lot of hurts and remainders (which are newer books that have been either slightly damaged or sent back from new bookstores as an overstocked item). In other words, tons of opportunity to read and satisfy your curiosity!

Where Can People Find You?

Visit us online at our website. You can give us a call at 508-459-1400, or connect with us on Instagram and Facebook