Altruist Brewing Co.

love the beer

559 Main Street
Sturbridge MA 01518

****Adjusted Covid-19 Hours*****

Friday 5-7pm

Saturday 12-3pm


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Altruist Brewing Co.

About Altruist Brewing Co.

altruist :a person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others

We believe that great beer has the power to do some amazing things. Great beer can bring people together and make friendships out of strangers.  This is what it did for us.  When Bob & Nancy moved to a new town and home-brewed in the garage, neighbors would stop by to see what was going on.  As we shared our passion for this delicious elixir, we made some pretty cool new friends. We have worked tirelessly to build the taproom by hand.  Through all our blood, sweat, and tears (literally), we truly hope we have created a space in which you will enjoy hanging out.  Everything in the taproom was designed in our attempt to provide the ideal experience for anyone we are lucky enough to serve. Additionally, we will do our best to bring in some really great food trucks.  We will always post these on social media, so check us out there to see what's going on. While we love our pets, we have made the difficult decision to not allow them in the taproom.  This is out of respect for our patrons who may not be able to tolerate sharing space with some of our furry friends, whether it be due to allergies or irrational fears.


  • Handicap Accessible
  • Parking Onsite