Angelina POW WOW Mural

Public Art
570 Main Street
Worcester MA 01608
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Angelina POW WOW Mural

About Angelina POW WOW Mural

Angelina POW WOW
570 Main St, Worcester, MA 01608

“In 2014 I was going to Coachella and for years I had been like, 'I've got to start pumping up Worcester.' I met Jess Walsh that year and I said to her, 'Hey, I'm going to California. When I'm there, there's an artist that I'm going to meet up with and I'd love to give her one of your Worcester shirts because I want to do a mural project here. And I think she'd be a cool person to get involved.' And at the time I had only talked to Angelina via Instagram. I didn't really know her. And so I bought two shirts from Jessica and I went out to California and I saw a mural that Angelina did and I took a picture in front of it in a Worcester shirt. I brought a shirt to Coachella where I knew she'd be live-painting and I gave it to her. I said, 'Hey, you know, sometime in the next year or two I want to have a mural festival in Worcester and we'd love you to come join us.' She came.”

-Che Anderson, Co-Founder, POW! WOW! Worcester

Photo by Steven King


  • Family Friendly