Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center


336 Sugar Rd
Bolton MA 01740

Rain or Shine:
Monday     CLOSED
Tuesday    10 am-5 pm
Wednesday  10 am-5 pm
Thursday   10 am-5 pm
Friday     10 am-5 pm
Saturday   10 am-5 pm
Sunday     10 am-5 pm

Most of our animals are housed within our three buildings and can be experienced even when it rains or snows.

We are closed on these Holidays: Thanksgiving Day / Christmas Day / Easter


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Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center

About Animal Adventures Family Zoo & Rescue Center

Animal Adventures is New England's largest, privately owned animal rescue center of its kind! We have been operating in Bolton, Massachusetts since 1997. We are a rescue center first. We take in hundreds of unwanted, or unable to be cared for, animals each year. Some, we are able to find homes for, and others will live here the rest of their lives. We receive zero state or federal funding and are 100% self sufficient. We are state and USDA licensed to keep all of our animals. We follow strict care guidelines and each animal's needs are met on a daily basis. Because we are not AZA all of our funding comes from you! Whether that be by visiting our center or having us at your party or school all the money we makes comes from the work we do.Outside of the services we offer, any donations received are a huge help and we say thanks to you!  We have approximately 3 acres and three buildings full of exciting animals both common and exotic from ferrets to foxes chickens to porcupines and skunks to linx and don’t forget alligators frogs and snakes.  Exclusive private or Extreme tours are offered by our knowledgeable staff.


  • Family Friendly
  • Parking Onsite
  • Gift Shop
  • Tours Available
  • Special Programming

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