Bri's Sweet Treats

Bri's Sweet Treats

About Bri's Sweet Treats

Briana Azier, Owner of Bri's Sweet Treats boasts that "Bri's Sweet Treats is a business born and raised out of the ashes of the pandemic! I took a situation where most people were just trying to survive, and I chose to find a way to thrive!" Bri has always been a crafty, creative, fun and artistic mom. During Christmas 2020, Bri and her son Cole (6 years old at the time) decided to start making candy and treat boxes for their family, friends, and neighbors to brighten their spirits! Bri started posting pictures of their gifts on social media and many people gave great compliments and said Bri should start selling her delicious treats.

During this same time, because of the pandemic, churches had closed. Bri and her twin Sister, Echo, saw a need to keep people connected with God and decided to start a Bible Study within their women's ministry. They chose to do a deep dive into the 15 scriptures of the Proverbs 31 which describes the characteristics and traits of a virtuous woman. The concept of taking care of and providing for your family with the current skills and talents that you have kept coming up.

Between the overwhelming number of compliments that her treats were good enough to sell, Bri decided to practice what she was preaching and take a leap of faith. She took the steps to get her kitchen permitted, licensed and insured and she started her business out of her home. Eight months after starting Bri's Sweet Treats, she had gained an increased following and confidence that enabled her to leave her corporate career as a Recruiter and make the jump into full-time entrepreneurship. 

Now located in the Worcester Public Market, Come on down and try some of her signature treats!!