Escape the Pike

Escape Room Games

179 Main Street
Sturbridge MA 01566

Monday-Sunday 2PM-11PM

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Escape the Pike

About Escape the Pike

Escape the Pike offers escape the room games for the curious and clever.  Our escape rooms feature high quality props and the workmanship of local craftsmen.

Escape the Pike is locally-owned and operated by Army veterans who seek to entertain and challenge you with a variety of puzzles, problems, and clues for you to solve and uncover.

Experience our games and become an enthusiast. Test yourself and become an escape artist.

 Escape games are places where clues, riddles, puzzles, and locks meet storytelling. You enter into an “escape room” which is made specifically to engage you in an imagined scenario; what is called an immersive experience. Instead of watching someone else move through a story in a movie… or read about it in a book… you, along with the members of your team, move through the story and rooms that are part of your game. As you do, you encounter different challenges to uncover and solve. What your group does with them shapes how the story unfolds and ends for you. The skills and personalities of the people you play with contribute dynamics that make each game your own unique experience. When you enter into the room, you are given an objective to accomplish as a group. A time limit is set for you to meet this goal. Not every group solves the puzzle or mystery that makes up the game. The fun is in the challenge, the attempt, and in the new ways you get to interact with others as you step into scenarios that you would not experience in real life.


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