Flying Dreams Brewing Co.

455B Park Ave.
Worcester MA 01610

Monday-Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 4-9pm
Friday: 3-10pm
Saturday: 12-10pm
Sunday: 12-5pm

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Flying Dreams Brewing Co.

About Flying Dreams Brewing Co.

At Flying Dreams we dance to the beat of our own drum.  We believe that originality and self-expression make life fun and our dream is to bring you a little more happiness by sharing a small piece of what makes us different. Dave Richardson eats, sleeps and yes drinks beer. A self-proclaimed “beerologist”, Dave has been delighting the taste buds of beer enthusiasts throughout Massachusetts with his unique twists on traditional favorites. He combines old school brewing techniques with modern recipes to create one-of-a-kind beers that are packed with flavor, yet go down smooth. At Flying Dreams, we start with only the finest ingredients and then add one part passion and two parts originality.

Our craft beers are robust, unfiltered, full flavored brews that have distinctive tastes all their own. But what really makes them brilliant is that they’re so easy to drink.  We love that and think you will too. Getting this right takes great care and requires us to brew our beers an average twenty-five percent longer than other craft brewers – but you’re worth it. And while sipping on a cold pint of Flying Dreams brew won’t pay for that big house or fancy car, we do hope that our story will inspire you to be yourself, live happily and follow your dreams.