Glazy Susan

Worcester's first specialty doughnut company

Restaurant: Bakery
50 Foster Street
Worcester MA 01608

Thursday - Friday 8am - 3pm

Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm 

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Glazy Susan

About Glazy Susan

We are Worcester's first specialty doughnut company. We are doughnut lovers at heart and in our travels across America, we always find the best doughnut shop in each city. We've found that every good city has a good quality specialty doughnut shop - made from scratch, locally sourced, and delicious.

​Whenever we would return home to Worcester, we were saddened by the lack of a specialty doughnut shop. Our New England neighbors in Boston, Providence, and Portland all had great doughnuts, but not Worcester! So we decided to change that and in the summer of 2018, Glazy Susan was born.

Our doughnuts are made from scratch in small batches, hand rolled, hand cut, and freshly fried. We source many ingredients for our doughnuts from local producers in Central Massachusetts, and our menus are seasonally inspired.

As lifelong Worcester residents, we take great pride in sharing our specialty doughnuts with the Worcester community!




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