Hang Glide New England

Never look up at the sky the same way again!

Tanner Hiller Airport
New Braintree MA 01531

Our season runs from the beginning of May through October.
If you have the time, weekday flights are desirable offering a more relaxed pace but you’re welcome to fly anytime the weather is good. Since getting you in the air is highly-dependent on the right weather conditions, we recommend you call ahead for reservations (the season opens beginning of May and usually lasts through October); spots fill up fast. We can inform you of the best times to plan your flight and alert you to any changing weather patterns that might affect your flight plans.

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Hang Glide New England

About Hang Glide New England

Hang Glide New England operates in beautiful central Massachusetts, just east of the Quabbin reservoir and 70 miles or less from the major metropolitan areas of Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; and Hartford, Connecticut. Hang Gliding is our passion, and providing an awesome tandem hang gliding experience is what we love to do. We have years of experience and thousands of hours providing safe, fun flights. Our season runs from the beginning of May through October. We look forward to making your flying experience one you won’t soon forget!


  • Parking Onsite
  • Seasonal
  • Special Programming

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