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About Sail to Trail WineWorks

Sail to Trail WineWorks is the premier urban winery headquartered in New England, redefining the stereotypical “cork-dork”. No snooty somm-speak (we don’t know any anyway). No questioning anyone’s opinion of what makes a great wine. No need for Alexa to chime in on your next purchase. NOBODY has time for that. 

Thanks to our industrial roots and vineyard vibes, we’re bringing edge and inclusion to wine by ditching the snobbery and doing the work FOR you to ensure we’re bottling and curating kick-ass wines from across the globe. 

We think a great grape’s a great grape. Whether it’s raised in Blue Ball Delaware, Funk Nevada or Buttzville New Jersey, we don’t discriminate. That being said, most grapes don’t end up in our bottles – Hey, not everyone gets a trophy. But, when we do uncover the over-achievers, we bring them to the table to enjoy at your leisure.

What sets us apart you might ask? Every bottle of wine that we bring to you is a limited edition that has been carefully crafted and curated by members of our incredibly talented team. That means it’s uncommon for our members to try the same wine twice (Note to self: order your favorites in bulk!). Long story short: You’re getting exclusive selections with every order.

So cheers to top notch wine without the B.S—delivered straight to your doorstep! Just click, ship, sip!


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