The UxLocale

We believe in the quality of sustainable life.

510 Hartford Avenue West
Uxbridge MA 01569

Wednesday & Thursday  5-9 PM
Friday & Saturday 5-10 PM
Sunday Supper 4-7 PM

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The UxLocale

About The UxLocale

In the quality of sustainable life, not just living well. We possess a strong sense of duty to integrate such sustainability into every aspect of life, beginning with perhaps the most basic of all elements: food. Our promise is to offer a high standard of fresh & flavorful food made with seasonal, limited & local, high quality ingredients all at a reasonable price.​ We are proud to say that we source a great deal of our produce, dairy and fish locally. Not only is it great for the local economy, but locally sourced food just tastes better. We realize that this is New England after all, which means we’ll have to supplement occasionally. However, we promise to do so responsibly. Sourcing from small and in most cases, family run businesses.

From Owner & Chef de Cuisine, Elaine Cowan:
My passion for food & its preparation began early in life. I’ve been a “sous-chef” since I was three feet tall–standing on tiptoe to see creations on the kitchen counter-top–and I continue to learn today. My recipes & cooking style have evolved from the many memories of people at the stove; family, friends & neighbors. Those people, & their spirit, live in my kitchen with me. My family & I are grateful for your patronage. A heartfelt thanks for the honor of your company & our wish that you return often.


What's In The Neighborhood?

Restaurants &
  • Gia
  • The Valley Bean
  • Rita's
  • Baker Boy Town Grill Diner Restaurant
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Things To Do
  • Blissful Meadows Golf Course
  • Cormier Woods
  • Arrowhead Acres
  • Jean Gillis Wellness
  • Bangma's Dairy Farm
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