Whittier Farms

Keeping Agriculture Alive and Well

90 Douglas Rd.
Sutton MA 01590

Retail Store Open Year-Round 

Monday - Friday 9 AM - 7 PM

Saturday and Sunday 9 AM - 6 PM


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Whittier Farms

About Whittier Farms

Whittier Farms Inc. is located at 90 Douglas Road in the historic and picturesque town of Sutton, Massachusetts. The farm is presently owned and operated by the fourth and fifth generation of the Whittier Family. The farm was started in 1945 with the purchase of two foundation cows by Robert and Harold Whittier. The farm was owned and operated as Whittier Bros. Hill-N-Dale Farm and located on top of Town Farm Road in Sutton. A partnership and expansion program started in 1947 with the purchase of a joining farm of 106 acres. In 1949, another farm of 100 acres was added to supply feed for our growing herd. 

With a dominating landscape of 500 acres, Whittier Farms proudly keeps agriculture alive and well as the last commercial dairy and produce farm in Sutton. The year-round retail store greets visitors to the farm with homemade baked goods and meals, farm raised beef, seasonal farm grown produce and much more.  Home to 275 cows, Whittier Farms regularly hosts public farm tours and special events to promote agriculture education inviting you to see the animal care that goes into producing high quality milk. As one of the 1100 dairy farm families that owns the Agri-Mark/Cabot Creamery Cooperative, we proudly upholds the legacy built by Cabot farmers across the region right here in Sutton. Our retail store and animal visiting area is open year-round, please check our website for tour and event dates. 

Approximately 400 acres is utilized to grow hay, grass silage, and corn silage.  The farm currently ships about 8,000 pounds of milk per day to Agrimark, a Cabot dairy cooperative. Whittier Farms operates year round with a retail farm store carrying many products from our farm and other local farms as well as products grown in neighboring New England states. We believe both buying and selling genetics benefits our business. Other pages of our site showcase cattle bred and/or developed here. Whittier Farms takes pride in continuing the tradition started by our ancestors who contributed two influential sires to the Holstein breed along with developing the groundwork for our Kerby family.

The retail store at the farm is a 30 year old, overgrown 4-H project. A table underneath the tree on the front lawn with sweet corn, a fishing box and sign, "honor system" has changed into a year round farm stand with a variety of products, employees and cash registers. The same principle remains, good, farm fresh produce. The retail store offers dairy products, as well as our own seasonal fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, as well as products grown in neighboring New England states. Other products include:  soups and chowders, chicken and turkey pot pies, ice cream, frozen seafood dinners, local bakery breads, and our home-made pies and baked goods.  Some of the crops include sweet corn, blueberries, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, beans, summer and winter squashes, and add additional crops each year. Support is provided to local homeowner by selling vegetable and flower plants, composted cow manure, screened loam, and bark mulch; with delivery on the manure, mulches and loam available to the customers. 

Late in 2014, our 150,000 watt solar array went live after years of developing a strategic plan, working with many contractors, and our local government. Our system is designed to offset the high electrical costs that we incur from operating a farm. The power produced by our solar panels is consumptive of about 85-90% of our overall electric bill. Our system was installed by EthoSolar on land that was previously unproductive land. In other words, we cleared a wooded area rather than tearing out a corn field so we get a better use of the land and we don't lose any of our crop land. We are very happy to have a sustainable power supply. The installation of the solar array also finally brought three-phase power to our business which will allow us to continue with equipment upgrades in the future to improve our energy efficiency and become a more sustainable business.


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