Millville, a small town on the Rhode Island border, was settled in 1662, but is actually Massachusetts' youngest town as it was finally incorporated in 1916 after citizens petitioned to separate from the town of Blackstone.  This regional was originally inhabited by the Nipmuck people. Millville’s early start evolved from manufacturing mills, including U.S. Rubber Company which left the town economically adrift when the stock market crash of 1929 took its toll. However, the town has worked hard to maintain its rural nature and historic past. It is the home of the most intact canal lock, the Millville Lock, from the Blackstone Canal, with its granite stones taking us back in time. It also has a restored historic Friends Meetinghouse, the Chestnut Meeting House. In the first two decades of the 20th century, baseball great Gabby Hartnett, grew up in Millville, played youth baseball in the Blackstone Valley League, and played for the Chicago Cubs, beginning in 1922.

There are some really scenic spots in Millville as well as some deep historic roots and buildings. Beautiful churches such as St. Paul's Church, St. John's Episcopal stone church are located in Millville as well as the triad of railroad lines right near the Millville Lock and the famously restored Udor Tower which was once used as a private water reservoir. The stone structure has a wooden cistern at the top and an early 1888 birdseye view map drawing of the village shows that it had a roof and was connected to an elaborate house. It is believed the tower dates to the early or mid 19th century and thought that it collected rain water which was gravity fed on demand to the house. The Millville Central Street District is on the National Register of Historic Places and the tower is a listed artifact.