First settled in 1664 as part of the Quaboag Plantation, East Brookfield was incorporated as a separate town from Brookfield in 1920 making it the most recently incorporated town in the state. The center of town is built on picturesque Lake Lashaway. The Quaboag River plains lie west of the town center. Quaboag Pond and Quacumquasit Pond, popular spots for boating and swimming, are just southwest of the center of town. Connie Mack, the professional baseball player, manager and team owner was born in East Brookfield in 1862.  South of the marshes in the geographical center of town is a woodland which was formerly a village called Podunk. Vaudeville entertainer George M. Cohan spent his youth here and described the town in his act. Podunk has since been used to stand for any archetypal backwatertown.