At one point in time, almost everyone in Hardwick Massachusetts was a farmer. Agriculture has been and still remains the root of this small town in the Quabbin-Swift River Valley. Hardwick is filled with small farms offering artisan organic cheese, locally made wine, maple syrup, grass-fed meat, and authentic french bread - to name a few. The breathtaking Quabbin Reservoir, one of the largest man-made water supplies in the US, runs along the western side of town, and the Ware River flows on the east. One of three remaining native covered bridges in Massachusetts connects Hardwick to its neighboring town of Ware, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Covered bridges are few and far between, so it's worth the visit for a slice of history and a great photo opportunity. Hardwick also hosts an annual harvest fair, which is the oldest continuously run fair in the country.


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