Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere

Date: February 15, 2020 - June 7, 2020 at Wednesday through Sunday, 10am-4pm; Third Thursdays until 8pm

Presented By: Worcester Art Museum and organized by the American Antiquarian Society

Drawing on the American Antiquarian Society's unparalleled collection of prints and books, the exhibition, Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere, will transform viewers' understanding of this iconic colonial patriot. This in-depth examination of Revere's many skills as a craftsman will help illustrate the entrepreneurial spirit of an early American artisan, who stood at the intersection of social, economic, and political life during the formation of the new nation. Examples of rare prints will be shown alongside elegant silver tea services and everyday objects, such as thimbles and period newspapers, to reveal new facets behind this versatile artisan best known for his “midnight ride.”

After opening at the New-York Historical Society, the exhibition will travel to the Worcester Art Museum, The Concord Museum, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.


This exhibition is organized by the American Antiquarian Society with generous support from CHAViC, Center for Historic American Visual Culture, AAS; Henry Luce Foundation; and Richard C. von Hess Foundation.

Image: John Singleton Copley, Paul Revere, 1768, Oil on canvas, Gift of Joseph W. Revere, William B. Revere and Edward H. R. Revere, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 30.781, photograph © 2019 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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