Burton Cummings & His Band

Date: March 12, 2017

Presented By: AW Productions, LLC

The Guess Who's hit recordings include American Woman, These Eyes, Laughing, No Time, Share the Land, Hang on to Your Life, Albert Flasher, Sour Suite, Star Baby, Glamour Boy, Clap For The Wolfman—all in the list and many more written or co-written by Burton Cummings and benefiting from his distinctive and highly acclaimed voice. The Toronto Star refers to The Guess Who as the "greatest band in Canadian history." By 1970, the first of Canada's rock 'n roll superstars had sold more records than the remainder of the country's music industry, combined. Popular American Bandstand host Dick Clark called The Guess Who "rock innovators and ambassadors of Canadian music." They became the first Canadian group to reach #1 on Billboard charts and first to earn a U.S. platinum record. Citing the band's extensive song catalogue, Rolling Stone magazine hailed The Guess Who as having "few equals among North American groups." Achieving gold status, Burton's song Stand Tall ushered in his solo career, followed by a long list of hits. His 2008 album, Above the Ground, features nineteen new songs, all written by Burton and recorded with his current band. His 2012 album, live from Toronto's prestigious Massey Hall, faithfully celebrates The Guess Who's classic hits. John Lennon listed Burton Cummings as his favorite singer. Led Zeppelin's rock icon, Robert Plant— himself, one of the genre's most acclaimed vocalists--counts Burton among rock's best voices. When a Winnipeg teen discovered that childhood classical-piano lessons could be converted into rock keyboarding, his future took flight. In more recent times, Burton was chosen as keyboardist for Ringo Starr's All Starr Band. In addition to being an official Yamaha Artist in Canada on his electronic keyboard, he plays guitar, flute, sax, harp, drums, and was known formerly for his trademark white, acoustic piano. Beside a wall full of gold and platinum records, Burton's long list of awards includes two inductions into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame—solo and with The Guess Who--two stars on the Canadian Walk of Fame, and membership in the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. A Winnipeg theater and community center bear his name. Burton has earned credits as a television host and co-star of the film Melanie, songwriter for film and television, and popular Facebook blogger about subjects ranging from music history, outer space, basketball, comic books, and nature to almost anything else that inspires his quick mind and endearing sense of wonder. He shares his knowledge as a music historian and world-class collector, and readers look forward to his episodes of witty satire as well as his book of poetry, just going to press. Although he considers the word "genius" to be overused, it would not mislead to contend that the boy who turned rock hero at age fourteen has grown into a genius of overall creativity. Above all, however, with his unique voice and remarkable talent for honest, no-autotune music, Burton is the "real deal." And as suggested by one of his song titles as well as his audiences' singing and dancing in the aisles, Burton Cummings has got his "own way to rock." Watch, Listen, and Read More about Burton ... http://www.awproductions.rocks Learn more about Burton from the Canadian Music Hall of Fame ... http://canadianmusichalloffame.ca/inductee/burton-cummings/ Interact with Burton Cummings on Facebook ... https://www.facebook.com/burtoncummings/?fref=ts

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