Ecology Lecture Series: Iconic Birds of Massachusetts and their Habitat (Live Webinar)

Date: February 2, 2022 at 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Presented By: Tower Hill Botanic Garden

When we examine plants it is important to look at the wholeness of their environment. Everything plays a role in the system that helps plants thrive or struggle. This examination of relationships is the study of ecology. Berkshire Botanic Garden and Tower Hill Botanic Garden have partnered to put together 4 speakers to talk about subjects related to ecology and how our environment interacts with one another. This Webinar is dedicated to exploring the birds of Massachusetts.

With a wide range of available habitats Massachusetts is home to a fascinating array of birds. Join an experienced naturalist from Mass Audubon for an engaging talk about the noteworthy birds of Massachusetts and their incredible life histories. From migration to surviving the cold winters we will explore the brilliance and challenges of our northeastern birds. This talk will include a captivating slideshow and discussion from a life-long naturalist with a passion for birds. Learn more about these avian friends and where to find them.

Mass Audubon protects more than 40,000 acres of land throughout Massachusetts, saving birds and other wildlife, and making nature accessible to all. Mass Audubon welcomes more than a half million visitors a year to their wildlife sanctuaries and 20 nature centers. From inspiring hilltop views to breathtaking coastal landscapes, serene woods, and working farms, they believe in protecting our state’s natural treasures for wildlife and for all people—a vision shared in 1896 by their founders, two extraordinary Boston women.

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February 2nd: Iconic Birds of Massachusetts and their Habitat w/ Mass Audubon

February 9th: Building Healthy Soil in Harmony with Nature w/ Duncan Himmelman

February 16th: Exploring Invasive and Non-Native Plants w/ Mark Richardson

February 23rd: Wildflowers of Massachusetts w/ Ted Elliman

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