Fire & Ice: Worcester Windows Opening Reception

Date: December 1, 2017

Presented By: Worcester Cultural Coalition & City of Worcester

The City of Worcester in partnership with the Worcester Cultural Coalition are pleased to announce the opening reception of “Fire & Ice” on Friday, Dec 1, 7pm-8pm in the basement level of City Hall. The exhibit will be presented in conjunction with the City’s Festival of Lights celebration. Culturally and historically juxtaposition of these diametrically opposing things, the fire element with ice compound, has and can symbolizes many things: the sun and the moon; summer and winter; desire and hatred; the all too familiar scenes of the warmth of heat taking away winter’s chill; and appears in songs, literature, and gods and goddesses a numerous pantheons. Works selected for the “Fire & Ice” exhibit demonstrate an array of different art forms including mixed media, acrylic & oil paint, and photography. Jurors for this exhibit include Clark University Professor Frank Armstrong; Photographer & Worcester State University Professor Catherine Wilcox-Titus; and Public Art Administrator & Art in the Park Project Director Gloria D. Hall. In addition the exhibit is curated by both Gloria D. Hall and Priscilla Messinger. Artists’ whose works are on display are: Bethany Emmi Bib See Cathy Taylor Cheryl Rosen Darya Kuruna David Wackell Dawn Naylor Francisco Borges-Rivera Janet Schwartz Jason Travers Jody Doherty Kisha Tracy Leara N Morris Matt McKee Patricia Hegedus Piya Samant Priscilla Messinger Stephen Shaw Steve Davi-Alaska All Worcester Windows artwork is for sale and any artwork sold helps to contribute to Worcester’s thriving artistic community. Worcester Windows is supported by: The City of Worcester, the Worcester Cultural Coalition, the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, and the Worcester Alliance of Photographers with sponsorship by: L.B. Wheaton, CC Lowell and Hunchback Graphics.