Main IDEA Teen Music Program

Date: February 5, 2019 - June 25, 2019 at TBD

Main IDEA Youth & Arts is excited to launch this new Teen Music Program this Winter/Spring! Apply here:

The Main IDEA Music program Trains and empowers youth to work professionally in the music industry.

Who Should Apply?: 
Youth musicians ages 13 -17, residing in Worcester County, MA.

Main IDEA Music Students will Learn...
1. Performance
2. Songwriting
3. Recording
4. Marketing
5. Management

In completion of this program, participants will have gained the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently and successfully pursue their career in the music industry as musicians, performers, managers, producers, etc.

Students will be given the tools to:
- Book their own gigs
- Perform live
- Market themselves professionally
- Manage their music
- Write and record original songs

We will accomplish this by…
- Monthly live performances in the community 
- Guest speakers/panelists
- Field trips to studios/shows
- Hands-on training and practicum
- Classroom-setting learning
- Weekly Assignments

February - June 2019
Twice/Month, 2 hour Masterclasses
10 Masterclasses Total
(Final dates/times to be determined upon acceptance into the program)

Cost of Program:

20 hours/Semester = average of $30/hour

What Main IDEA Expects from Students: 
- A willingness to work hard and be challenged
- Commitment to entirety of program (Feb - May)
- Punctuality and Attendance 
- 100% Participation