Our History Now - Stories from Worcester's Pandemic Year

Date: July 28, 2021 at 7PM - 8PM
  • Worcester Historical Museum
  • 30 Elm Street
  • Worcester, MA
  • 508-753-8278 x114
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Presented By: Worcester Historical Museum

Worcester Historical Museum in partnership with WPI present "Our History Now - Stories from Worcester's Pandemic Year.  

In the times of loss, no one wants to be lost, they want to tell their stories and have them recorded for future generations. Have you shared your COVID story or pictures?

Through the past 18 months WHM and WPI have partnered to collect the stories of the pandemic. This program is to help Worcester community members understand how they can further participate and contribute to COVID-19 Chronicles: Worcester’s Community Archive.

These inclusive, wide-ranging stories are important to document history during these times – both personal and professional. Join us to learn why it is important to participate to preserve these stories even as the city opens up and we move on with our lives. What would YOU add to this archive? What is the one thing that you want to share in this digital time capsule for future generations? Here's your chance to be heard by your museum, by your community, and by the future! 

Hear from Dr. Mattie Castiel, Commissioner of Health and Human Services; young residents from the Worcester Youth Center; Tim Garvin from the United Way and Worcester Together; local documentary photographer Matt Wright; and archive coordinator Allison Steeves, WPI ’21.

Here is your chance to be heard by your museum, by your community, and by the future.  This is a FREE online event.

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  • 508-753-8278 x114
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