Seele Musicale Chamber Ensemble

Date: August 10, 2018 at 7pm
  • Mechanics Hall
  • 321 Main Street
  • Worcester, MA
  • 508-752-0888

About the Concert
Delicious Delirium is an exploration of Sadness, Madness, Wrath and Love through music composed during the Baroque to folk era.

Music Festival Artist Director and Mechanics Hall Principal Organist
Will Sherwood

About Seele Musicale Chamber Ensemble
Seele Musicale Chamber Ensemble is a guild of passionate musicians for which performing a wide range of repertoire with an emphasis on the nuances and emotions in the music performed.  Now celebrating five years, it was the music of Bach, Handel and Vivaldi that brought local musicians together originally. For the ensemble, Music is the magic—the musicians seek that infinite magic that connects the musical creations of composers present and past to the yearning ears of today’s audience.
Individually, they are music teachers, engineers, music directors, writers, audio engineers, music student and orchestra members, but above all they connect with their musical spirits distilling the wonderment of music to grateful ears wherever they perform.



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