Seven Bridge Writers Collaborative Spurring the Muse Workshop

Date: June 11, 2020 at 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Presented By: Seven Bridge Writers Collaborative and Worcester PopUp

Studies reveal that writing, dancing, art, and listening to music improve brain function. Writing encourages the two hemispheres of the brain to work together, enhancing memory, productivity and stress relief. Dancing increases the brain’s ability to manage balance, encourages neuroplasticity, and strengthens muscle memory. Art raises serotonin levels which affects mood, and the “wow” factor of appreciating art trains the brain to be more hopeful. Music boosts the brain’s ability to learn and to lower and manage anxiety. Come, join us for a workshop to revitalize your brain. Participants will draw from the arts to write. Open to all ages.

This program is sponsored by a grant from the Greater Worcester Foundation.

The Worcester PopUp at the JMAC is a creative co-working space of the Worcester Cultural Coalition and in partnership with The Barr Foundation. This event does not necessarily reflect the views of either organization. #makearteverywhere, #worcesterculturalcoalition, #PopUpJmac, #jmacworcester
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