Shepheard Production Presents: Weird Phishes W/ The Jampson Jubliee

Date: January 15, 2022 - January 16, 2022 at Doors open at 8pm

Shepheard Production Presents Weird Phishes W/ The Jampson Jubliee
Electric Haze
Doors open at 8pm
Music at 9pm
10 Adv // $15 Door

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Weird Phishes is exactly what it sounds like - the iconic melancholy rock songs of Radiohead completely reborn as danceable, crunchy jams. With full-album performances, unexpected mashups, and gluey funk-driven improvisation, their jam-heavy take on alt-rock classics has sparked an unexpected energy in audiences across the northeast. Cleverly avoiding the "tribute" trope, Weird Phishes continues to push the envelope of what a mashup band can be, delivering performances that need to be experienced in order to believe.

The Jampson Jubilee, A blend of rock ‘n’ roll sounds- blues, funk, gospel, soul, and folk all get a turn- and at times showing both punk and jamband mentalities, will keep you on your toes, but have you singing along to songs you’ve only heard for the first time!

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