Survivor Art Gallery - Imagine a World Without Demand

Date: January 19, 2022 - January 22, 2022 at January 19, 2021, 12:00 PM - January 22, 2021, 4:00 PM
  • Jean McDonough Arts Center Worcester PopUp
  • 20 Franklin Street
  • Worcester, MA
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Presented By: Living in Freedom Together

We are inviting our community to join us in January 2022 to Imagine a World Without Demand and take steps to end the sex trade in our community and globally.


Our event will include a gallery of survivor art, giving greater visibility to our community who is often invisible in the greater Worcester community. During the week, we will also be hosting awareness evening where we invite guests engage in a conversation about what exploitation and trafficking really look like and will be hosting a gallery celebration.

Art is a powerful tool for education, protest, and healing. While the direct service work and survivor mentorship LIFT provides is so incredibly important and irreplaceable, we also need the support of our community in advocating for an end to demand. We are inviting all to join us this week in experiencing our vision for the end of this violence and to Imagine a World Without Demand.

We welcome you to journey through our gallery of survivor art, #ListenToSurvivors, better understand the reality of trafficking/exploitation and this type of violence, engage with us in conversation to strengthen community supports, take action to help launch our vision into reality, and celebrate moments of joy and survivor strength.

Call for survivor art: Are you ready to share your voice through art? Do you want to share your story with the community? Submit a piece of you through art at our art gallery! We are accepting art of any form. We are supporting survivors, your voice and your stories to share with the community. Contact our YOAS Team, Alex Powell (at or Jillian Keans (at about artwork submission. Please note all artwork submissions must be received by January 4th.


***Note on COVID-19: Please note that all visitors are asked to wear a mask at all times, while not actively eating/drinking. Masks are available on site if you forget yours. Please also note that all guests must have a photo ID with proof of vaccination or negative results from a PCR test administered within 72 hours prior to entry. Children under 12, accompanying a vaccinated adult, may enter with a mask. Please note that children under 12 accompanying an unvaccinated adult must also provide negative results from a PCR test administered within 72 hours prior to entry.


Timeline of Events

January 19th - 12:00 PM - Accessible Viewing

Dedicated viewing times for accessible viewing. Please reach out to for reasonable accommodations.

January 20th-21st - 12:00 PM - Open Viewing

We welcome you to journey through our multimedia gallery exhibit or survivor art that showcases our vision for a world without demand.

January 20th - 3:00-4:30 PM - CARE Network

Join us for our survivor-led learning and networking space for providers and community members supporting survivors and vulnerable youth.

January 21st - 5:00-7:00 PM - Gallery Opening & Celebration

Celebrate survivor art, survivor voices, and survivor strength alongside our LIFT community with food, music, and open mic.

January 22nd - 12:00 PM - Gallery Closing & Accessible Viewing

Did you miss us? Stop by for a last viewing before we close up for the week. This is also another day dedicated to accessible viewing.


We look forward to seeing you there!!


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The Worcester PopUp at the JMAC is a creative co-working space of the Worcester Cultural Coalition and in partnership with The Barr Foundation. This event does not necessarily reflect the views of either organization

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