Therapeutic Horticulture: Everlasting Heart Wreath

Date: February 27, 2022 at 6:00-8:00PM

Presented By: Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Take deep breaths, slow down and leave your “to do” list behind. Experience the therapeutic benefits of horticulture while creating an everlasting heart wreath with fragrant herbs, soft mosses, colorful dried flowers, spices and natural materials. You can choose to design your wreath from a rich variety including dried roses, lavender, hydrangea petals, cinnamon, star anise, globe amaranth, hemlock cones and ornamental grasses. Feel calm and refreshed with positive energy by focusing on being in the moment and engaging each of your five senses one at a time – sight, touch, sound, smell and taste – while interacting with sensory rich plant materials.

Our class will include an overview of the therapeutic benefits and power of horticulture to understand why and how it can be used personally, and for people of all ages and abilities. We will discuss the difference between therapeutic horticulture and horticultural therapy. You will learn about benefits including increased relaxation, decreased anxiety, stress relief, sensory stimulation, hope, improved cognitive abilities, engagement in life, connectedness, and physical exercise. It will be clear how plants and the natural world give you support when life gets overwhelmingly busy or stressful. We will spend approximately 40 minutes delving into this.

You will spend approximately 80 minutes designing and making a unique medium size, everlasting wreath to take home and hang in your kitchen, dining room, family or living room, hallway, or any other welcoming space. The wreath can also make a lovely gift.

Join Deborah Krause, Horticultural Therapist, in these relaxing sessions where you may leave with a smile, feeling of calm and peace, and pride in your creation.

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