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Comfort Food from VIA Italian Table

Soothing Soups

Da Lat’s Mi Vit Tim, or Duck Noodle Soup, is the perfect cure for a gray day. Enjoy the fragrant effects of this steamy treat. Comfort food is just as much about eating with our eyes as it is with our taste buds. A bowl of Duck Noodle Soup offers a vibrant pop of both color and flavor. 

Italian Comfort

VIA’s Crispy Pork Meatballs served with a sweet and sour glaze are a comforting snack after a long day at work. Order alongside a glass of the Boen Pino Noir from the Russian River Valley and slip into soothing reflection. The fried ricotta filled ravioli served with warm marinara sauce or their large selection of unique pizzas will also hit the spot. +discover

Craft Beer and Farmstead Cheese

Armsby Abbey’s Mac n’ Cheese is a hearty reflection of the restaurant’s exclusive craft beer and farmstead cheese selections. This flagship dish is made with a world class IPA and then topped with rustic bread crumbs from neighboring bakery, Crust. Now, customers can even add bacon or jalapeños. (Mass Foodies reported that rumor has it that Mac n’ Cheese takeout will soon be available for the first time in the restaurant’s history.)

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Track down the Say Cheese truck on one of its stops in and around central Massachusetts to enjoy the distinct pleasure of a gourmet grilled cheese. Order the Cheddar Monster made with cheddar, muenster and tomato, or class it up with the Figgin’ Goat, a melty concoction of goat cheese, fig paste, and fresh arugula. 

Next time you’re feeling blue, remember that a little bit of Worcester love is just an order away.

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