Film in Central Massachusetts

Discover the magic of Central Massachusetts through the lens of cinema! Our region has been a backdrop for a variety of films and TV shows, showcasing the diverse landscapes, historic charm, and vibrant urban settings that make Central MA a unique destination.

From the bustling streets of downtown Worcester transformed for blockbuster hits like "Free Guy" and "Honest Thief," to the quaint villages of Sturbridge featured in "Dexter" and "Glory," Central Massachusetts offers a versatile canvas for filmmakers. Our iconic Mechanics Hall has even been transformed for the spirited comedy "Spirited," demonstrating the region's ability to adapt and inspire creativity. Central Massachusetts is also proud to have been the filming location for "The Holdovers," a critically acclaimed film that has received multiple Oscar nominations. This recognition further highlights the region's growing significance in the film industry and its potential to attract top-tier productions.

At Discover Central Massachusetts, we celebrate the region's growing role in the film industry and invite you to explore the locations that have captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. Whether you're a film enthusiast, a location scout, or simply curious about the places behind the scenes, here at "Films in Central MA" section you can get a glimpse into the cinematic wonders of our region.

discover the stories, the transformations, and the magic of Central Massachusetts on the big screen.