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Say Cheese! Grilled cheese being prepared in Worcester, MA

Birch Tree Bread Co.

When you order grilled cheese from a bread company, you better bet that you're going to end up with a tasty grilled cheese sandwich - the bread is half the show! Birch Tree takes two big slices of their amazing coriander raisin bread and adds cabot extra-sharp cheddar and apple mostarda (a sweet and spicy Italian fruit condiment) for a sweet and savory grilled cheese that's out of this world.

Cedar Street Grille 

Cedar Street Grille redefines the American Bistro concept, and the grilled cheese is no exception. This redefined grilled cheese layers creamy herbed goat cheese, sharp white cheddar, bacon, arugula and trappist preserves between freshly baked sourdough bread. You won't find this grilled cheese anywhere else.

deadhorse hill

If you're looking for a grilled cheese from a restaurant that values locally sourced ingredients - look no further than the recently opened deadhorse hill in downtown Worcester. While most grilled cheese sandwiches feature sharp cheeses like cheddar; they opt for the buttery and earthy brie, paired with sweet caramilzed onions, bacon, and a crusty sourdough bread.

Say Cheese!

You won’t have to go out of your way to track down the Say Cheese! Truck this summer. Owner, Teri Goullete, seems to pop up at every hot spot in central Mass these days, pedaling grilled cheese sandwiches with a smile. Try the Picklebac, made with generous portions of cheddar, bacon, and dill pickles. All of Teri’s sandwiches are served on fresh slices of Tuscan Ciabatta.

Coney Island

Nothing is more Worcester than Coney Island. Known for their hot dogs, Coney Island has stood as a Worcester institution for 100 years. Lest we forget, that “Coney’s” serves up a killer Grilled Cheese Sandwich (we’re sure it has something to do with their magical grill.) Take in the art deco interior and the hand carved booths while you enjoy your lunch.

Armsby Abbey

We never get too attached to anything on Armsby’s ever-changing menu, but given their award winning cheese list, we hope the Grilled Cheese will stick around for a while. Made with a blend of Vermont Cheddar, Roth gand cru, and Manchego, the sandwich is served on thick cut honey-oat bread from neighboring, Crust Bakery. Guests can customize with roasted jalapenos, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, or house cured bacon.