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Interview with Kristen Sciascia:

What makes your business special?

Kristen: We are actually the oldest art supply store in the United States! We have moved the location throughout the years, but we have always been in Worcester, MA. What’s more, we are a woman-owned local business with an extremely friendly staff.

Why should people shop local?

Kristen: Shopping locally instead of at big box stores or online is important for so many reasons. Not only does it directly impact and improve the community, but it helps to assure we will always be here for you. We work incredibly hard as a local business to always be available to answer questions and help our customers however we can. Shopping local is not just about spending money- it’s having an experience, gaining knowledge, networking, forming friendships, and the exchange of ideas. 

Trendy Finds?

Kristen: I would say our go-to item would be Blackwing pencils. Trust us, they are AMAZING. This holiday season we will be offering hundreds of employee-made supply kits, C.C.Lowell stickers and t-shirts, and subscription boxes! As far as trends go, we have seen a lot of people getting into hand-lettering, watercolor, and Copic markers-we are prepared to be fully stocked for that as well.

We are about to double the size of our children’s section, as well as bringing in new gift items and continuing to do our monthly subscription boxes. 

Where Can People Find You?

Visit us online at our website. You can give us a call at 508-757-7713, or connect with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook