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Mezcal Tequila Cantina

Mezcal has a wide variety of tacos to pick from, all a blend of traditional Mexican fare and the colors and flavors of the Southwest. With choices such as Yucatan Chicken, Short Rib, Baja Fish, Ground Beef, Veggie and the Daily Chef's Featured taco, there is an option for everyone. Pair it with a magarita made from your choice of 142 brands of tequila, and you are off to a fiesta delicioso! 

La Terraza

La Terraza’s fish tacos are built with tilapia that is cooked at the perfect fry-temp, rendering them light and crisp, but never greasy. The tacos are double wrapped and showered in a tangy traditional white sauce. With the recent addition of a liquor license and a picturesque patio, summer at Le Terraza is destined for success.

La Tapatia

This Marlborough Taqueria operates under the motto “real food by a real mom” and guarantees family recipes made from fresh ingredients. Order the Mexican Barbacoa Tacos served on soft corn tortillas and topped with cilantro and chopped onions. Barbacoa offers irresistible herbal aromas and tender meaty morsels.

El Patron

The Canal District is ripe with bars and boutiques, but there’s only one place for tacos a la carte. The Tacos Adobada boast tender meat marinated in vinegar and chile pepper. Or, optfor the Chicharron Tacos, which offer an extra crunch, prepared with fried pork skin and topped with pico de gallo and lime juice. 

Tacos Mexico

Today’s trendiest taco is the Al Pastor served “suave” at Tacos Mexico on a soft tortilla. Al pastor is a descendent of shawarma that offers a sweet and sour balance with some tropical pizzazz. Owner, Jose Zuniga’s pork Al Pastor is an unsuspecting staple of the Greendale Mall food court, and it is also available for delivery via Foodler.