"American Hustle" Graces Worcester Art Museum

"American Hustle," an award-winning comedy crime set in the 70s, made a star out of Worcester Art Museum.  

Was the museum closed for filming?  


Were there special accommodations made for filming? 

"Salisbury Hall was transformed into a wardrobe and makeup area, right in the heart of the museum."

Any memories from museum team members of production?

"Several staff members got to be extras in scenes that required people in the background, which excited a lot of people."

The Worcester Rembrandt is a popular painting in the museum, due both to its artist and its feature in the movie. But this isn’t the first time the painting as been news-worthy, correct? 

"Yes, it has an interesting past in the theft and the return. It doesn't really have an effect on the museum; only art and theft aficionados know this." Read more about the heist of 1972 here.

If the museum were to be featured in another Hollywood film, which areas would be most recommended? 

"[The] Renaissance Court, European, American Galleries (the larger ones)... any space that is large, because when it comes to smaller areas there are rules about how many people, lights and cameras etc. that can be in them."

Would you highlight a few other famous acquisitions visitors could see in the museum? 

"Monet, Higgins, Da Vinci, Whistler, etc."