Mrs.Moriconi's Ice Cream

Restaurant: Ice Cream
1116 Pleasant Street
Worcester MA 01602

Saturdays 12pm-3pm

Check Social Media and Website for more hours 


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Mrs.Moriconi's Ice Cream

About Mrs.Moriconi's Ice Cream

Award winning ice cream right here in Worcester! 
Local dairy from Massachusetts is used to make fresh ice cream in an approved facility at a farm. When you buy this ice cream, you are supporting a start-up business and TWO local farms.
Mrs. Moriconi's Ice Cream is not currently set up as a scoop shop. Started in July 2020, Mrs. Moriconi's sells ice cream at the Shrewsbury Farmers Market, does pop-up events at local businesses, and has curbside sales and pickup at The Sprinkler Factory every Saturday and other special dates announced on social media.
The National Ice Cream Retailers Association awarded Mrs. Moriconi's vanilla and chocolate flavors with the white ribbon and red ribbon awards respectively for purity, quality and flavor. But those are not her best flavors. Go to the website to see all offerings. Pints and half pints available. Ice cream cakes, merchandise, gift boxes and gift certificates available too.