August at the Worcester Art Museum (WAM) is FREE for the entire month!

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If you've been meaning to check out the museums latest exhibitions like Meow, Blood & Honey, or Knights - now there is no excuse! Free admission includes access to all the exhibits and monthly programming.

When the hot summer weather gets to be too much for outdoor fun with the kids - head inside to cool off in the air conditioning while the kids learn about art.


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Current exhibits and programs included with "Free August" at the museum:




Master Series art talks

Drop-in Family Yoga in the courtyard

Stroller Tours for ages 0-3

Arms and Armor demos

Nude Drawing in the galleries 

Art + Market Farmer's Market

Art Carts family fun and learning


... and so much more!





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A cat inspired exhibit, you can take a self-guided "cat-walk" through the museum, see an interactive installation featuring live cats (check it out now on the live cat-cam), watch special kids shows at "Helmutt's House," and participate in cat art classes. 


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The pieces included in Knights! are largely from Medieval and Renaissance Europe, with additional cultures and periods represented as well. The adventures of the Higgins' mascot, a dog suited in armor named Helmutt, is a family-friendly element of the show. 


See the full list of exhibits on the WAM website.