Birchtree Bread Company

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138 Green St #5 - Worcester, MA

Pull up a seat on a Saturday with local music, gaze out the window at the now bustling Canal District, and sip on a Local Maple Latte – made with Pure BS Local Maple Syrup (Auburn, MA) this latte starts with a creamy taste and then leaves you with the lingering bittersweet taste of maple. Fall drinks often have a sweetness to them, but this one in particular there is a flare of spice. If you’re thinking this tastes like the Aunt Jemima syrup you’d put on your pancakes than think again – it’s got an authentic flavor that you know has come straight from sapping. +discover

Wormtown Brewery – Fresh Patch Ale

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72 Shrewsbury St #4 - Worcester, MA

The weather may have a chill in it, but nothing makes it feel quite like fall like cracking open a seasonal tasting from Wormtown. With Fresh Patch Ale they use pounds and pounds of local pumpkins and a secret spice to create a balance of the beloved pumpkin spice. +discover

Tougas Family Farm

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234 Ball St - Northborough, MA

Not only can you check pumpkin picking and apple picking off your list while visiting Tougas Family Farm - Northborough - but you can embrace the flavors of fall with a cup of classic Hot Apple Cider . It’s everything you dream of as the leaves start to turn and you start to crave the flavors that the time of year brings and the best part is you can purchase some at their store to bring home and keep enjoying. +discover

Acoustic Java- Pumpkin Pie Latte

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6 Brussels St - Worcester, MA

Do you like Pumpkin Pie? Do you like lattes? The Pumpkin Pie Latte at Acoustic Java serves up what tastes like the liquid form of the favorable dessert and with every sip you know that Fall in New England has arrived. It’s more sweet pumpkin than it is spiced, but not in an overwhelming way. Ask for it in a mug to have it be topped with their known latte art. +discover