Highland Street Has Everything You Need in a Neighborhood

Posted: February 4, 2019

The Highland Street neighborhood offers great walkability and access to public space. Add homegrown retail and popular dining destinations and you have yourself a bustling community that is both self sufficient and attractive to outsiders. Whether you live in Worcester or you’re planning a day trip, you’ll enjoy our tour de Highland Street.

Elm Park

Elm Park was purchased for municipal use in 1854, making it one of the oldest public green spaces in America. The park includes a parcel on Newton Hill that offers disc golf, tennis courts, and fitness circuits. Lincoln Pond is famous for its two red bridges, often used for engagement photos and senior portraits. +discover

The Sole Proprietor

Robb and Madeline Ahlquist are responsible for three of Worcester’s flagship restaurants, the oldest of which offers ample parking and a distinctive inflatable crab on Highland Street. At The Sole Proprietor, the seafood is fresh, the service is formal, and the wine is distinctive. +discover

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Nothing tops a pint of Wooberry’s small batch ice cream made from locally sourced milk and cream. Inventive flavors include vegan avocado and Goat Cheese Stracciatella. FroYo further lends itself to loads of toppings for your highly personalized pick. Wooberry’s coffee program is unlike any other in the city, boasting CBD infused beans from Strava Coffee in Denver CO. +discover


The Wine Vine is a family-owned operation and they want to help you find just what you’re hunting for. The owners have personally tasted every wine in their portfolio. Best of all, they love their customers. Wine Vine takes pride in special ordering and tracking down “hard-to-find” selections including specific vintages to celebrate landmark years. Ask about private wine tasting parties in the Tasting Loft. +discover

Modern Muse

Photo credit: Facebook / Modern Muse

Owner Maria Pappas combines her love of street style and vintage fashion to curate an eclectic collection of one-of-a-kind pieces at affordable prices. Think of Modern Muse as a hands-on museum of art with Maria as your guide. +discover

The Boynton

Photo credit: Facebook / The Boynton

The Boynton is a perfect spot to watch the game, spend a snow day, meet up with friends, or bring the kids. The staff is well equipped to cater to families of all ages, college students, and sports fans. Not to mention, one order of the nachos could feed a small army. +discover

The Bean Counter

Photo credit: Facebook / Bean Counter

The Bean Counter is a hotbed for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, pies, and pastries. All desserts are made by professional pastry chefs, bakers, and cake decorators using fresh all-natural ingredients free of preservatives and artificial flavors. Guests will also enjoy the benefits of The Bean Counter’s state-of-the art Mirage espresso machine. +discover

Elm Park Community School Murals

After a day of eating, drinking, and shopping, you owe yourself a stroll around Elm Park Community School. The building’s exterior is covered in breathtaking murals painted by internationally acclaimed artists brought together by the Pow!Wow! Worcester festival. +discover

Also check out this itinerary on our free trip planning tool.

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