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With two young daughters under the age of 6, Christina Andreoli, stands tall in an era screaming “Girl Power,” and while the world rotates, every so slowly, trying to make room for the women looking to balance work and life, Andreoli is here to prove that a woman does not need to manage all details of the family life – including the nightly culinary choreography of the almighty dinner menu. For Andreoli, the purpose of life lies in the time spent with family, even if that takes place over a plate of mac-and-cheese and chicken nuggets. She is here to reinforce the notion that a woman’s role isn’t just about being in the kitchen, but instead about making time for the family and living life to the fullest.

“Eating is all about the social aspect. It is what makes the meal worth while – it is about the connections, the laughter and the time spent with family and friends but with two daughters, eating out isn’t always the best option. Honestly, my husband and I, try to avoid going to late dinners with the kids,” laughs Andreoli, President of Discover Central Massachusetts. “Let’s just say a liquid dinner of Pinot Grigio is fitting for some nights.”

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