[Past Promotion] Smile City Culture Passport Program  

The Smile City Culture Passport Program was an initiative set in place by Discover Central MA and The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, funded in part by a Tourism Recovery Grant from the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. Although the program is no longer active, there are plenty of outlets through which to embrace Smily City. Check out the details of this past promotion below, and show some love to all things local. 

Former FAQs 

What is Smile City?  

In 1964, Graphic Artist Harvey Ball created the original ‘smiley face’ in Worcester, MA. Today, the yellow and black smiley is recognized around the world as a symbol of kindness and community. To signify the smile-inducing savings of our new passport program, and in honor of Harvey Ball’s iconic creation, we’ve dubbed Worcester ‘Smile City’! 

What is the Passport Program? 

The Smile City Passport Program bundles offers and discounts to the best businesses in Worcester and beyond! From hotel discounts and free baked goods to museum discounts and behind-the-scenes theatre tours, the Smile City Passport offers something for the whole family. 

How much does it cost to get a Smile City Passport?  

Nothing! The passport is available for free to visitors and residents of Central Mass.

What offers are available as part of the Smile City Passport? 

The Smile City Passport launched with nearly two-dozen exclusive offers to businesses throughout Central Mass. And to sweeten the sunny season new offers will be added throughout the summer! For the most up-to-date list of all offers – click here.  

Where should I send questions / feedback about the Passport Program?  

We always love hearing from our community. To connect with our team, simply reach out on any of the following platforms: Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages, LinkedIn Messages, or email us at info@discovercentralma.org and one of our team members will respond within 48 hours. 

How do I sign up for a Smile City Passport?  

Getting your very own passport is easy. In six quick steps you’ll be ready to redeem, simply: 

  1. Go to VisitSmileCity.com  

  1. Click the yellow ‘Get Your Passport’ button 

  1. Fill out the sign-up form with your information 

  1. Check your text messages 

  1. Activate your passport 

  1. To redeem – Simply present the passport on your phone at participating businesses.  

Need more help signing up? Check out our walkthrough video:

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Who created the Smile City Passport Program? 

The Smile City Passport Program was a joint initiative created by Discover Central MA and The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce. The program was funded in part by a Tourism Recovery Grant from the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism.  

Where can I learn more about the terms of each offer? 

Each offer is created by the business – and facilitated at their discretion. Deal terms subject to change, availability, and discontinuation.  

Complete Terms & Conditions 

Vouchers are redeemable for certain goods, services or experiences offered by, or facilitated through, the Merchant identified on the Voucher. The Merchant is the issuer of the Voucher and is solely responsible for all matters pertaining to the redemption and use of the Voucher. Furthermore, the Merchant is fully and solely responsible for the care and quality of all goods and services it provides to you and for any and all injuries, illnesses, damages, claims, liabilities and costs ("Liabilities") it may cause you to suffer, directly or indirectly, in full or in part, whether related to the use or redemption of a Voucher or not. You waive and release Bandwango and Discover Central Massachusetts, including their subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, employees, and agents, (collectively, the "Released Parties") from any Liabilities arising from, related to, or sustained in connection with any act or omission of a Merchant, its employees, agents, contractors, and invitees, in connection with your use of a Voucher or the goods, services or experiences a Merchant provides in connection with the Voucher. Services performed by the Released Parties are provided "AS IS" without warranties of any kind, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 

Privacy Policy 

Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared except to the limited extent disclosure may be required under applicable law. During checkout, we may ask you if you would like to receive marketing communications. If you opt-in, then you will receive communications according to what you opted into. 

Refund Policy 


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