We recently visited Lilac Hedge Farm, a 325 acre animal farm in Holden, MA to check out their flock of turkeys and see what buying local this Thanksgiving is all about. This former dairy farm is run by two young farmers, Ryan and Tom, who both share a passion for animals and having a pet camel. 

They raise cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and turkeys, all in which they sell at farmers markets throughout the Commonwealth and through their local CSA.

This Thanksgiving they are offering both broad breasted white turkeys and heritage bronze turkeys, which they sell by the pound. Also available is pekin duck and smoked ham. You can order online and then pick up locally at the Canal District Farmers Market (November 18th), Indian Head Farm (Nov 20th), and at their farm in Holden (Nov 21st). New this year, is the ability to make Lilac Hedge farm your one stop shop for all of your Thanksgiving fixings. Along with your turkey you can buy homemade gravy, local butternut squash, local mashed potatoes, local vegetarian stuffing and dinner rolls. 

If you are looking to support local farmers this year and have an amazing Thanksgiving feast, head on over to the Lilac Hedge farm website and complete your turkey order form.