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Lock 50 serves contemporary American fare in Worcester's historic Canal District  

New and veteran chefs are pushing the envelope with their dishes, dining concepts, and drinks. These innovative chefs take flavors we all love and create it into something unique. The secret ingredient for these mouth-watering masterpieces are the passion that goes into it.

From steakhouses to Italian cuisine, brunch to seafood, American classics, or sushi, chefs are wowing patrons with taste and presentation.

Lock 50's small plates–focused menu (think compressed shaved octopus and goat cheese panna cotta) and beverage program featuring historic cocktails alongside globe-trotting wines and craft beer is an example of how Worcester is bringing food and drink together in creative ways.

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Going to a modern and innovative restaurant doesn’t have to come with the traffic of a big city or inconvenience of parking. Ed Russo, co-owner of Lock 50, explains “Worcester offers dining concepts found in larger metropolitan areas such as Boston and New York but with so much more convenience. There is little to no traffic getting into Worcester from most directions and parking is readily available, or, valet is easily obtained.”

Incredible dishes, warm ambiance, innovative drinks, and five-star customer service, is what you’ll be served when dining in Worcester and that’s why out-of-towners are making the drive to taste it for themselves. Russo adds “Worcester offers something for everyone, from casual BYOB to elegant white linen tablecloth dining and everything in between.”

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Good food is not all you can expect from a dining experience in Worcester. The inviting atmosphere and warm ambiance makes for an enjoyable place to spend time with family and friends.

“There is more thought put into the atmosphere making it hip and new, whether it be a coffee shop you would see in California, or a restaurant in New York,” explains Oriola Koci co-owner of Livia’s Dish.  Her newest restaurant, Altea’s Eatery was created with inspirations from Paris in both a European style ambiance and French infused dishes.

With a rush of young professionals moving into the city, restaurants are keeping up with a young and fresh environment.

Whether you are looking for a romantic date night, a foodie seeking an eclectic entrée, a drink aficionado, or just simply looking for something new, Worcester has something to satisfy any palate. 


Something that is not new to Worcester is the high-quality customer service you receive from the first step inside to the last bite.  When you walk into a restaurant downtown patrons are greeted like an old family friend. Staff come well prepared with knowledge of the menu, drink pairings, and is trained to deliver stand out service.

“Worcester always had a welcoming hospitality; people know the owners like family. New owners that are coming in are keeping to the same culture that Worcester has kept for a while,” explains Koci.