dianna's neighborhood bistro worcester

“Spicy Habanera Breast Strips XXX” from Dianna's Neighborhood Bistro.

Light Bites

Typically, a trip to The Boynton demands a big burger or a BBQ chicken pizza, but you might be surprised to find that The Boynton is working some light bites into their repertoire. Take for instance, the Thai Peanut Lettuce Wraps with chicken, served in a sweet chili sauce. Pair with a Sip ‘O Sunshine if you really want to brighten your day.

Fiery Bites

If you’re looking for some heat on Worcester’s West Side, Dianna’s Neighborhood Bistro is your first stop for a fiery bite. The “Spicy Habanera Breast Strips XXX” aren’t just intriguing because they come with a free glass of milk; you can taste the time invested in Dianna’s take on boneless wings. The spice of the marinade builds slowly, amounting to a complex and welcome burn. Dianna’s is the perfect spot to rendezvous with old friends or family. Remember to BYOB. 

vintage grille worcester

Vintage Grille’s jalapeño aioli with a side of tater tots.

Greasy Bites

Once in awhile we all get hit with tot fever, and there’s only one place to turn: Vintage Grille. If you came in search of artisanal truffle taters, this is not the restaurant for you. If, on the other hand, you are craving greasy grub and a genuine auto body ambience, welcome home. Let your hair down after a long week at Vintage Grille. Ask for a side of the sweet heat jalapeño aioli and an order of tater tots. 

Party Bites

If you are in the market for samosas at your next party, go no farther than Fatima’s on Gold Star Boulevard. Fatima’s legendary Kenyan cuisine is fast, affordable, and engineered to share with friends. Consider placing a large takeout order of samosas to spice up your next social gathering.

Worcester is the kind of place worth sticking around after a long day on the job. Grab a quick bite after work to whet your appetite and boost your social life.