West Boylston Street Knows What Worcester Wants

Posted: June 10, 2019

On West Boylston Street in Worcester, you’ll find family run diners, pizza joints, sandwich spots, culturally diverse restaurants, and properly rested pints of Guinness. This is a neighborhood in sync with Worcester’s loyalties. We work our way from north to south in this list of favorites.

Homestyle breakfast joint 

Lou Roc’s

1074 W Boylston St, Worcester

Lou Roc’s is a homestyle breakfast joint with vintage vibes and killer omelets. No one minds if you just rolled out of bed, as long as you bring your appetite. Remember, Lou Roc’s is cash only.

Quintessential Irish pub


1160 W Boylston St, Worcester

Dust off your cable knit—O’Connors is Worcester’s quintessential Irish pub. Order the Irish lamb shank with vegetable stew for something “hearty and traditional.” The parking lot is always full, so consider calling ahead.

BIG sandwiches 

Bushel n’ Peck Summit

17 Mountain St E, Worcester

Bushel n’ Peck has soups, salads, and BIG sandwiches. The legendary shop is also an affordable favorite for catering throughout the region.

Ultimate neighborhood bar 


715 W Boylston St, Worcester

Quinn’s is the ultimate neighborhood bar and restaurant, but don’t let that deter you—newcomers are very welcome. Order a hearty Guinness pot roast while you watch the game.

The famous eggroll lady

Eggroll Lady and Fish Shack

609 W Boylston St, Worcester

There are no surprises when it comes to Worcester’s famous Eggroll Lady. Expect crisp and meaty bundles of garlic, carrots, and chicken. The shack is small but hospitality shines bright at this family business.

Where to go at the crack of dawn 

photo credit: yelp / Di W

Gold Star Restaurant

68 W Boylston Dr, Worcester

Gold Star is a great spot for a cup of coffee at the crack of dawn. Sit at the counter and order the world famous corned beef hash for a taste of breakfast the Worcester way.

Fast and affordable Kenyan cuisine


43 W Boylston St, Worcester

Fatima’s Kenyan cuisine is fast and affordable. Fatima’s makes the best samosas in the city and they offer plenty of tasty vegetarian options.

BYOB + pizza

Ciao Bella

402 Grove Street, Worcester

Ciao Bella is a popular BYOB establishment with specialty pizzas and killer takeout. The chicken carciofi is as good on a pizza as it is over pasta depending on your mood.

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