Mayor Joe Petty on "Christmas on Ice"

"Christmas on Ice," a made-for-TV film with scenes around Worcester, features a cameo with Mayor Joseph Petty. Here's what he has to say about the experience.

What was it like to make a cameo in "Christmas on Ice"? 

"This was my first time being in a movie. I remember that it was very cold, but I liked watching the experience of seeing a movie be made, and I really enjoyed it."

With City Hall & the Oval as key locations in the film, how long did you have the production team on site? 

"Overall, the production team was onsite for two days. Having a production team onsite was a great experience – the office looked great, and it was wonderful to meet the actors and see the hard work that was done by the actors and crew."

How does the Worcester Common Oval Ice Rink differ from the one featured in the film?

"The principal difference between the Worcester Common Oval in the movie and the one in real life is that the Oval in the movie was seen as a burden. In the City of Worcester, we welcome the ice rink and appreciate the opportunity for quality time that is afforded to our residents."

Which other Worcester parks do you feel deserve a Hollywood spotlight?

"Elm Park — it is one of the oldest public parks and it is such a fixture in our community; Mass Audubon — there is a lot of open space, and it is such a peaceful location; Cascade Park — there are not many waterfalls near us, so it is a beautiful sight with a great hiking trail."

Worcester has been featured in many films over the years... Which have piqued your interest most?

"I really enjoyed 'American Hustle' and 'Christmas on Ice,' of course. 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' was particularly special because of its role in putting Worcester on the map with a nomination for Outstanding Film Commission with the Location Managers Guild International."

Why are film projects important to the city of Worcester?

"Having film projects in Worcester elevates our City’s presence. First, it brings positive notoriety to Worcester and supports economic development. These productions fill hotels and restaurants, bring prestige, and showcase different parts of the City, as well as our unique landmarks. I believe we have a great Film Commission through our Executive Office of Economic Development, and it is worth highlighting the work done by Edgar Luna through that office, as he has propelled us to a new level of recognition."