Discover Quite Fetching Barkery & Pet Boutique

Quite Fetching Barkery & Pet Boutique offers fresh out-of-the-oven gourmet baked goods for your pup - all taste-tested and approved by their three "barkery chefs" every morning. Aside from unique and one-of-a-kind items for dogs and the people who love them - they offer their dog community a place to gather, shop and talk all things dog. On Friday evenings, human guests (21+) receive a complementary glass of wine, while the pups belly up to their doggie bar for some cold "O’Drools" and play time. 

Interview with Emily Ascolillo, Owner:

What makes your business special?

Emily: I literally leave one home and come to another each day. We are about community here at Quite Fetching with everything we do. Whether we are welcoming you for a quick treat for your pup or you’re here to find the perfect pet lover gift, we love engaging in conversation and play time. I fill my boutique with items I hope make people smile and brighten their day.

Why should people shop local?

Emily: It goes back to the experience of community. Large companies and corporations don’t often support the local community centers, schools, little league teams, or local recreational programs. Large corporations can’t share in a story about how they know your best friend or saw your son or daughter hit a home run.  If people don’t shop local, community dissipates and we all lose when that happens. When you shop local, your purchases go directly to supporting a family in your community, which allows us to pay it forward back into the community - it's how the wheel works.  

Trendy Finds?

Emily: Dogs are family. We love thinking untraditionally about our gifts, so this holiday season, instead of a bottle of wine or candle as a hostess gift, bring a Dog Mom a coffee mug or wine glass filled with a bag of fresh baked treats from our barkery. Perhaps a nice hand painted treat jar filled with things to bake for the pup, gift wrapped with a beautiful holiday card that has been made by a local graphic designer. Is a holiday party even a party without holiday cookies for the fur babies? Custom orders welcomed from the barkery!

Where Can People Find You?

Visit us online at our website. You can give us a call at 305-304-6139, or connect with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook