Cristoforo Colombo Park (East Park)

Cristoforo Colombo Park (East Park)

About Cristoforo Colombo Park (East Park)

Formally known as Chandler Hill Park, Cristoforo Colombo Park was deeded to the City on December 6, 1909, by vote of the Parks Commissioners. The present acreage of the park is 81.288. One portion of the land was purchased from the former State Hospital in the years 1887 to 1889. The East Side Trail also begins at Cristoforo Colombo Park, leading all the way to Lake Quinsigamond.

In 1895, a portion was transferred from the Water Department by the Worcester City Council. This is now known as Bell Pond.

In 1916, an ornamental gateway was installed making use of the two stone griffins (lions with wings) that formerly supported the arch of the train shed of the old Union Railroad Station. Next time you’re at the park, look at the griffins and you will see that they are not a matching pair. One griffin’s tail is facing Shrewsbury St and the other griffin’s tail is unseen facing the park. It is believed that the griffins were transported by horse and sled.

In 1972, 6.43 acres of the park were transferred to the Worcester School Department for the construction of Belmont Community School.


  • Amphitheatre
  • Baseball Fields
  • Basketball Courts
  • Playground
  • Spash Pad (summer only)
  • Tennis Courts
  • Trails


  • Handicap Accessible
  • Family Friendly