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Live Action Escapes

About Live Action Escapes

Great For Corporate Events, Sports Teams & Family Gatherings. NEW Birthday Party Packages
Bachelor/Bachelorette & Engagement Parties. Fun Games for all to play.
Place yourself in an immersive environment, and be a part of the story, solving puzzles and challenges to beat the game. Think you can set a new record?
At Live Action Escapes, we offer a variety of immersive escape rooms, all with different themes and story lines. You can work on your detective skills in "The Protocol", repair all life support systems and save the Janus in "The Starship: Space Rescue", defeat ancient monsters in "Save the World: Rise of Cthulhu", 
Re-enact a crime in "Cold Case Investigators", Escape the clutches of a deranged doomsday prepper in "Captive", 
 We can also bring the fun to you with  "Don’t Miss the Bus!" our 30 foot mobile escape room 
where you race against the clock to find the missing concert tickets, 
or even our Scavenger Hunt " Quest For The Golden Keys "
Live Action Escapes is a family owned and operated business. Learn more about our available escape games and book yours today at




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