Pure BS Maple Shack

Pure BS Maple Shack

About Pure BS Maple Shack

In search of the perfect topping to complement their Boy Scout camp pancakes, Bruce and Sully in 2007 started tapping maple trees in Bruce’s backyard. At the time they boiled the sap in the Hopper kitchen. But the pair found they could no longer stand the heat. So Bruce and Sully, with the help of their families, built a sugar shack in the backyard. Banished to their wooden shed, Pure BS really flowed after that. The sweet activity tapped curious neighbors’ sappy side and, after some Pure BS, they offered their own maples. You won’t mistake the Pure BS Maple Shack for a traditional maple farm. Instead, it captures the sweetness of Auburn, a welcoming old New England village. Utilizing a unique blend of individually selected Sugar, Norwegian and Red Maple trees, Sapmasters Bruce and Sully have hand tapped into the best of Massachusetts. That’s Pure BS.


  • Family Friendly

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