Members remark on the value they've discovered in our network. 

At Discover Central MA (DCM), we're dedicated to boosting the regional economy by enhancing the visibility and success of our members. Here's what they have to say about the benefits and connections gained through their association with Discover Central MA:

Thyme Herbal Apothecary Gift Card

Thyme Herbal Apothecary

"When we opened our small business in 2022, we immediately knew we wanted to work with Discover Central MA as we love the work they do to showcase and support local businesses...and that's exactly what they've done for Thyme Herbal Apothecary. Every time we are featured on Discover Central MA's social media pages, we seem to get an influx of new customers who come to check us out; their promotions certainly do help generate interest.

Aside from promotional offerings, Discover Central MA has been a true pleasure to work with and we love that the Membership Success Coordinator swings by our store just to check in with us and see if there's anything else they can do to help our business grow. This really fosters a sense of community and is a testament to the passion Discover Central MA has towards the betterment of not only our business, but so many businesses throughout Central Massachusetts. We are so grateful for this connection."

- Heather Scirpoli, Thyme Herbal Apothecary

Fuel America

Fuel America

"Discover Central MA is a wonderful organization that helps our business reach audiences that are usually hard to capture or to connect with and we are so grateful to have it in our community and doing the work that they do. Having the opportunities for them to share and support our small business with the central MA area is pivotal in our own growth and in the ability to share all of the wonderful events we put on for the community to take part in. The people are so kind at Discover Central MA and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

- Neelu Mohaghegh, Fuel America

BCB Gift Card

Bean Counter Bakery Cafe

"Discover Central MA helps to promote Worcester area businesses and Central Massachusetts. Having a platform to market our brand and attract new and existing customers is integral to our business' continued growth. We are pleased to be part of Discover Central MA and will continue to reap the benefits offered to its members. Thank you, Discover Central MA!"

- Alice Lombardi, Bean Counter Bakery Cafe

Contact Parallax Pictures - Massachusetts Video Production

Parallax Pictures

"My time working with Discover Central MA showed me a new way in which taxpayer dollars are used to support and promote local businesses in our own backyard, strengthening the economy here in central Massachusetts and driving revenue to the hands of our neighbors instead of overseas. I produced videos and commercials for them which highlighted many of my favorite local businesses, owned by local people, some of whom got a caliber of promotion they wouldn't have the budget for on their own. In addition, I built on new and old relationships through Discover Central MA. It's been a great experience so far!"

- Paul Odgren, Parallax Pictures

Assumption University (Worcester) - Wikipedia

Assumption University

"The information and materials that Discover Central MA provides Assumption University are a valuable resource to all incoming and current students. It is extremely helpful to offer our campus guests a look into what is available to students and families in the Worcester area, from lodging, to restaurants, events and everything in between. It's a helpful tool in our student recruitment process. On a personal note, as a nearby resident, I have loved having Discover Central MA as a resource for things to do, places to eat, etc."

- Marci Mayo, Assumption University

Electric Haze | The Canal District

Electric Haze

“Businesses like mine, Electric Haze, a hookah bar and entertainment venue, rely on tourism and out of town customers to thrive. With a larger capacity to fill and unique experience offerings, without the help of Discover Central MA it would be hard to successfully attract enough people from outside of our city. Being a member of Discover Central MA has always made me feel like I wasn’t alone, like a lot of entrepreneurs feel, and I am grateful for their support over the years. When it comes time to renew it's never a question for me.”

- Victoria Mariano, Electric Haze

Downtown Worcester Business Improvement District

"As a non-profit organization focused on enhancing Downtown Worcester, Discover Central MA has been an incredible partner for the Downtown Worcester Business Improvement District. They're not just a support system; they're strategic allies, consistently bringing fresh ideas to the table to draw more attention, more visitors, and more dollars to Downtown Worcester and our entire region. One example: Thanks, in part, to Discover Central MA's added marketing support, our most recent Downtown Worcester Winter Festival saw a remarkable threefold increase in attendance over last year! What truly sets Discover Central MA apart is their genuine commitment—they don't just talk the talk; their team consistently shows up at our events, seeks out opportunities on our behalf, connects us with collaborators, and actively promotes our initiatives. Their professionalism and clear passion for all things Central Mass make them invaluable allies in our continued growth and success."

- Evelyn Darling, Executive Director at Downtown Worcester BID

Media Asset from Hilton Garden Inn |

Hilton Garden Inn

"I am writing on behalf of Hilton Garden Inn Worcester to express our enthusiastic support for Discover Central MA and its invaluable contributions to our city's tourism industry. As a prominent hospitality establishment within Worcester, we have witnessed firsthand the positive economic impact generated by the bureau's efforts.

Discover Central MA plays a pivotal role in promoting our city as a vibrant destination for travelers, conferences, and events. Through strategic marketing campaigns, collaborative partnerships, and targeted initiatives, they effectively showcases Worcester's diverse attractions, accommodations, dining options, and cultural offerings to visitors from near and far.

As a result of these endeavors, Worcester has experienced a significant influx of tourists, business travelers, and event attendees, all of whom contribute to the growth and vitality of our local economy. From increased hotel bookings to higher foot traffic at restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, the economic benefits of tourism are evident throughout our community.

At Hilton Garden Inn Worcester, we have directly benefited from the bureau's promotional efforts, welcoming guests who are drawn to our city's rich history, vibrant arts scene, and bustling events calendar. These visitors not only patronize our hotel but also support neighboring businesses, further stimulating economic activity and job creation in Worcester.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly endorse Discover Central MA and its mission to drive tourism growth and economic prosperity in our city. We are grateful for their dedication, vision, and leadership, and we look forward to continued partnership in showcasing Worcester as a premier destination for travelers and business visitors alike."

- Emily Mulhane, Director of Sales & Marketing for Hilton